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Hunting  2024

Thanks to Spruce Island Camps location being as close to the middle of Lake of The Woods as you can get, there is an abundance of hunting opportunities.  Whether it is on the surrounding islands or the Aulneau Peninsula, which is primitive weapons only for big game, you are sure to have an exciting and memorable adventure.

For more information about what hunting opportunities are available at Spruce Island Camp please email  Paul  

To purchase a migratory game hunting permit which is needed a long with a small game license to hunt waterfowl please follow the link bellow.
"Attention Hunters"
Mandatory Hunter Reporting Requirements

All hunters, resident and non-resident that purchase a tag to hunt deer, bear or wolf must complete a hunter report.  You are required to complete a hunter report even if you did not participate in the hunt or harvest an animal.  Refer to the Hunter Reporting Requirements section of the Ontario Hunting Regulations Book for details on timelines, how to submit your report and potential consequences for not reporting.
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