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General Information


Here at Spruce Island Camp we have electricity 24/7 thanks to our Solar System which was installed in 2009.  When the system is running low we have our diesel generators as a back-up to take over, which are set to come on automatically.  We are very proud of our system and every year try harder to run mainly on Solar. We have managed some seasons to run 85% solar.

Please Do Not Bring any electric cooking appliances such as griddles, fry pans, skillets, deep fryers, instant pots, microwaves and similar items. Items such as these use a lot of power constantly and have a very negative affect on the solar system; they can potentially brown out the island.  Coffee makers and toasters are also not great but we do have them in the cabins as we feel they are essential items and are not quite as bad as the above mentions.

Crock Pots/ Slow Cookers are fine.

We know a lot of people like their deep fryers so we suggest investing in a propane deep fryer.  Just please do not use them inside the cabins. Whether you use it in the porch, on the deck or the lawn please do not leave it unsupervised and when finished please place the pan of hot oil or cold somewhere in the screen porch as a safety measure.

We thank you very much for your co-operation and understanding. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us.


All the water on the island except for the garden hoses and the fish house goes through many filters, 2 UV lights and is closely monitored.  However due to the vigorous testing schedule it would take us an entire season to get all the necessary tests done that allow us to say Yes you can drink the water. This is something that we would need to do every year, so in the cabins and various places on the island you will see signs that say Do Not Drink The Water. Rapidly boiling the water for 1 minute will make the water safe to consume and use for cooking.

Things to Bring:

- bath towels

- phone charger

- sunscreen, bug spray

- lip balm and hand cream

- first aid kit

- polarized sun glasses

- fillet knife

- minnow bucket and leech locker

- dish soap

- paper towel

- rain gear

- warm clothes even in happens

- hat/ head protection from the elements

- groceries(we only have a tiny snack, t-shirt and little items store)

- extra prop for your personal boat....just in case

- spare fuses

- toothbrush...a commonly forgotten item

- landing nets

- navigation maps, gps is great but you should always have a back up

- container of rice for your saver if your phone gets wet

- enough prescription medication for your stay plus a bit extra 

- dog bed or mat if your furry family member is joining you. Cooling mat is great for hot weather trips and hot days in the boat

- charcoal, lighter fluid, lighter

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