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The Ministry Of Natural Resources has launched a new online licensing system. All fishing and hunting licenses can now be purchased in the comfort and convenience of your own home. If you require assistance in purchasing your license we will be more than happy to help you down at the Main Lodge, where we will have the facilities to purchase and print a license for a fee. You will need to bring your Ontario Outdoors card  (f you have one) and a credit card to purchase the license online in the lodge.


Minnows and Leeches are available for purchase at the Main Lodge. However Leeches generally are only available until the middle of August (every season is different and they may be available later or may not be available earlier in the season). It is always a good idea to call or send us an email to let us know if you plan on using live bait, this way we can do our best to have what you need.


Gas is available next to the main dock and a staff member must be present when getting gas.


Transportation to or from the island is available for a fee and it must be arranged in advance of your stay.  We do have a maximum weight/passenger limit so please keep that in mind when packing. Large groups will require both our launch boats .  Groups can also arrange to follow our camp launch, free of charge, providing we are already scheduled to pickup or drop off other guests.

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