Rates 2019
Charges are in Canadian Funds  and do include taxes.  We will give our Canadian bank's current exchange on payments in US Funds.
Accommodation Plans
Daily Housekeeping Plan
Includes fully furnished cabin, all dishes, untensils and cookware, dish towels, bath towels and bedding.
Per Person/ Per Night Rate:
May, June, September         $77.63
October                                     $84.22
Children under 5 years      no charge
Children under 10 years     half price
Please note;  minimum charge of 4 people for 3 nights.
Weekly Housekeeping Plan
Includes fully furnished cabin, all dishes, untensils and cookware, dish towels and bedding.
Does not include bath towels. Bath towels are available for a rate of $8.00 per person per week.
Weekly Cabin Rates
Bay View - Sat to Sat Only, 6 people   $1929.01
Beaver Bay - Sat to Sat Only, 9 people   $2525.79
Harbour View - Sat to Sat Only, 6 people   $2438.98
Shady Lawn - Sun to Sun Only4 people   $1361.24
Pine Ridge - Sun to Sun Only, 6 people   $1929.01
Fern Hill - Sun to Sun Only, 6 people   $1929.01
Timber Trail - Sat to Sat or Sun to Sun, 6 people   $1929.01
Extra person, per week charge on all cabins  $203.71
For personal boats anywhere on the island, per boat per night charge on all plans   $23.54.
Please note;  we do not tow boats, if you bring your own boat please be prepared to drive it out.
Transportation By Camp Boat
Per person each way                    $84.75
Minimum per trip each way      $254.25
Children under 5 years                 no charge
Children under 10 years               half price
Please note;  please watch overall weight as capacity of boat is limited.  If gear and number in party make an additional boat trip necessary, an additional trip will be charged.
Rental Boats
Regular 16 foot Aluminum boat with 25 hp 2 stroke motor or 20 hp 4 stroke motor     $81.41 per day
Deluxe 16 foot D-Star with 40 hp 4 stroke motor     $150.00 per day (US dollars)
Deluxe 16 foot Starfire with 50 hp 2 stroke motor       $175.00 per day (US dollars)
Please book rental boats in advance to ensure boat is available and ready for when you arrive. Please note, we have a limited number of 20 hp motors.  Guests are responsible for all damages to boats and motors and will be charged accordingly.
All rental boats must be returned by 6:00 pm the night before departure.
If you have any questions regarding rates, prices, what is included / not included and  things you  may need to bring.  Please give us a call or send us an email.  We will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have in order to help you have a wonderful stay at Spruce Island.
Rates/prices subject to change without notice

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