Border Crossing, Bait and Poultry Restrictions

Dear Spruce Guests; 


It is very exciting to be opening Spruce Island Camp for our U.S. guests for the 2022 season! Finally! Paul, Mandy, and the owners will all be watching the satellite images and the “ice-out” reports, and plan to get to the island as soon as we can to start getting camp ready.  We also have a couple of new employees to introduce to everyone. 

Below, please find some information that we hope will be useful as you plan for your trip to Spruce. We look forward to seeing you all very soon! 



As many of you are undoubtedly aware, the “new normal” due to the Covid-19 pandemic does add some new government mandated requirements for foreign nationals (e.g. U.S. citizens) crossing into Canada from the U.S. for vacation/tourism purposes. We encourage you to visit the following web pages for information about crossing the border to inform yourself and your group. If you come informed and prepared, it will help make for a much smoother border crossing:

• This is a link to a short you-tube video put out by the Canada Border Services Agency with good information regarding border crossing into Canada. Among other questions, it helps define what is meant by “fully vaccinated”.

• This is a link to a Government of Canada web page titled “COVID-19: Current border measures and requirements”.  It includes lots of good information. We found that clicking on the links labeled “ArriveCAN” and “Find out if you can enter Canada” and “COVID-19 vaccinated travelers entering Canada” were all particularly helpful.


• This is a link to another Government of Canada web page titled “COVID-19: Travel, testing and borders”. It also includes lots of good information, much of it overlapping with the above link.

To help simplify things, here are some general bullet-points regarding our understanding of the current requirements: 


•    You should be fully vaccinated. As of now, this does not mean you need a booster – see what is considered “fully vaccinated” in the web pages cited above. As a general proposition, if you are not fully vaccinated, you will likely not be allowed to enter Canada for vacation/tourism.


•    You must use ArriveCAN within 72 hours before your arrival to Canada. When using ArriveCAN, you will be asked to provide a bunch of information, some of which is related to your quarantine plan and an address of your quarantine location.  Guest staying at Spruce Island Camp can use the following quarantine address:

EB925 Spruce Island 
Kenora, Ontario P9N 3W7 
Phone # for Camp: 807-543-4087 

•    As of April 1, 2022, pre-entry tests are no longer required for fully vaccinated travelers. (e.g. you no longer need to get a Covid test before getting to the border).


•    As of this time, it is our understanding that there is still random Covid testing that may be conducted at the border, and you may be randomly selected for such testing. If so, follow the directions provided by the Border Service. After the test is performed, there is no need to quarantine while you wait for the results, and you can proceed to Spruce as planned.


•    In the unlikely event that you and your group are required to isolate/quarantine while at Spruce (e.g. you contract Covid-19), you must do so. However, you are able to leave Canada during your isolation period and cross back into the U.S. as long as you and your group use reasonable care to maintain isolation from others during travel. See, for example, the bottom of the page on this link titled “If you leave Canada during your isolation period”:


•    If you are fully vaccinated, and are traveling with your children that are 11 or under and are not fully vaccinated, please refer to the web page links above for information regarding children accompanying fully vaccinated travelers. See, for example, the heading for “Children and Families” in on the following web page:
Please understand that these governmental restrictions may change, and that we are not experts. We again encourage you to double check the information on the above web pages, and if you still have questions, please contact the Canada Border Services. 



NO BAIT alive or dead can be brought into Canada. This now includes worms/nightcrawlers, regardless of bedding type.  We will still be offering minnows and leeches at Spruce, as they are available from our suppliers. Please let us know 2 weeks ahead of your trip if you want live bait so we can do our best to have a good supply. We are also looking into possibly carrying nightcrawlers, but for now Gills Morson Marina will carry nightcrawlers, and you can pick them up there if you want them. You need to email Terry Gill ahead of time at to request them.  Terry would like to know as soon as possible; however, at the latest, within 2 weeks of your trip – so he can do his best to have what you need in stock. 




Due to the increase in cases of Avian-Influenza measures have been put in place to restrict what bird and bird by products you can bring into Canada.  Please use the following link to learn more.

You can purchase eggs from Beaver Mills Grocery in Rainy River and from Gill's Morson Marina. 



For any guests launching and/or parking at Gill’s Morson Marina, please pay Gill’s directly for launching/parking fees. Contact Gill’s beforehand if you plan to arrive before or after business hours. Gill’s Phone 807-488-5551 or email 

Happy and safe travels to all! 

Again, we look forward seeing you soon. 


All our Best, 

Spruce Island Camp Owners and Staff